Our goal is your business success.


Getting started with a medical cannabis business is no easy feat; its status as a controlled substance makes for a tangled web of requirements, fees, and a myriad of different licenses and reports, all conditioned uniquely to specific purposes. This can make understanding the cannabis industry in Colombia a daunting experience.

That’s where we come in. Our goal is your business success; once we understand your objective and vision, we’ll be able to advise you in the most efficient way to invest your capital and know-how. This would include which licenses to acquire, how to pay for them, which modalities within each license must be requested, how to register your seeds and genetics, drawing a clear route to market and sorting out the multiple requirements you’ll need to export your products/extracts.


We advise on:


LICENsES - PSYCHOACTIVE, non PSYCHOACTIVE, seeds, derivatives fabrication for national use or exportation

SEEDS REGISTRATION for local use/exportation, commercial use, planting, plant breeding

Permits applications, necessary government registrations and legal compliance

Cultivation and transformation technologies and equipment

security protocols, planning & implementation

purchase/sale of local licensed companies 

Suitable terrain acquisition (licensed or not)

derivative fabrication - design & planning

Fertilizations and harvest protocols

Zoning compliance AND due diligence

Export requirements & commercial operations

Risk management & market opportunity 

Final product characterization & licensing