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When it comes to medical cannabis in Colombia, Green North Consulting is your one stop advisory service.

Whether you are new to the industry or an already a savvy cannabis business owner, we tend to any and all of your cannabis business needs.


We consult for individuals and companies that are interested in taking part form the medical cannabis industry in Colombia. We accompany our clients through the legal, financial and technical hurdles required in the set-up process by assisting them in building best business practices, protocols and management systems. Our consulting and business planning experience will help you explore and discover your most viable path forward within the cannabis industry in Colombia.


We help foreign and mature cannabis-based businesses navigate the process of adapting to the Colombian market. We are experts in the legal framework and processes required to acquire licensing and permits. However, our main specialty at Green North is our ability to develop custom strategies that best serve your business needs and goals. We pride ourselves on learning about your company and helping you build a successful and sustainable business in Colombia.




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Business Opportunity



The legal cannabis industry is booming and has rapidly become one of the fastest growing in the world. Legalization of cannabis consumption continues to expand around the world and the global cannabis market is forecast to exceed $150 billion USD.  Colombia has established itself as one of the world’s most interesting markets for the development of medical cannabis with an exceedingly convenient legal framework focused on large scale cultivation and export. 


Colombia is strategically located in the center of the Americas, geographically ideal for global distribution. Colombia currently has free trade agreements with US, Canada and EU. The country has the approval to produce 44% of world quota, optimal growth conditions with a consistent 12 hour light cycle, powerful equatorial radiation, warm year-round temperatures, fertile soil, abundant rainfall and proper humidity.


Cost Savings:

All of the aforementioned reasons make Colombia significantly more economical than other cannabis producing countries. Producing cannabis in Colombia is about 80% cheaper than the US and Canada making it the ideal low risk, low cost, Beta Market.

Agricultural Infrastructure: 

Colombia has a track record of being a leading agricultural producer with a developed large scale, skilled, low-cost workforce, trained to produce high quality botanical goods. Today Colombia supplies  70% of cut flowers sold in Canada and the U.S., an important indicator for Colombia's know-how and and agriculture capacities.


Fortune favors the bold, but rewards those who are most prepared.
— Edmund Burke


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